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Jumping Monster (GIF)
My first decent/serious GIF animation. I kid you not, it was a fucking shitload of work (I gained SO MUCH respect for animators because of this. SERIOUSLY! You guys are AMAZING!), but I think it's pretty cool to see your drawings come to life like this too...! I don't intend to make full blown animations, but who knows... I might make some more GIF's of characters and such later on :)
Magical Mystery tour by Asrath
Magical Mystery tour
Trippy shizzle. Awh yeah!
Took me really a long time. Didn't keep track, but worked at it for about two weeks, and think 8 to 10 hours for sure. (the details get lost in the picture, sadly :/ I should invest in a scanner. Like, seriously *broke student*)
Drawn with quill pen and coloured with coloured pencils. A4 size.
I haven't been very active on here lately, I know. I'm mainly using my facebook page to share my art now, but since the timeline approach really quickly 'floods' old posts, I might get back to DA sometime soon.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about.
You see, I am pissed. Very, very pissed. At facebook.
I like RP-ing. I don't just LIKE it, I LOVE it! I have used facebook to roleplay for a while (with a 'roleplay' account, of the character I play). I really love it, because it makes it feel so much more 'real'. Also, the character I play is vastly different from me in appearance and age, I could never RP him irl, but I have a personal... connection of sorts with him. I just FEEL him, y'know.
It would all be fun n games, if facebook wouldn't care so wholly much about it's "only real people" policy. They deleted -ERASED- my account three times now. I tell you, even if I would WANT to delete my account I couldn't even erase it so drastically as facebook does now.

I wonder, WHY does facebook do this? Why do they remove harmless roleplayers who just want to have fun?
You could say they fear people hiding behind the anonymity of a character might be offensive and/or abusive without their actions ever relating to them as people. That it would 'endanger' the community.
But I don't think that's the case. I think the truth is... it's about money!
You see, facebook might be free, but you sure DO pay for it. YOU are the product! Your likes and search history, to be precise. They create a detailed profile of you as a person. Facebook uses this to supply you with specifically tailored ads, and they earn big bucks with it.
Now, if you have an RP account, this information is bogus. The profile they meltociously created is worthless. The adds they supply you with are irrelevant. Because your character might have totally different likes and dislikes than you in person. They can't make a profit. I think THAT is the reason why fb refuses to 'legalise' rp accounts, possibly group them in a different category specifically for RP.

You could think I'm overreacting, and I probably am. But it just hurts each time to see a fellow roleplayer vanish into thin air, or having to build up your account and fanbase all from scratch again. I just really take a lot of joy and gratification from it, and it sucks to have that taken away from you for... basically no reason at all :/
Little Jimmy, and the world of survival. by Asrath
Little Jimmy, and the world of survival.
Design for a (fictional!) children's book cover I created for a school project. I wont go into detail as what the assignment was, since it wasn't exactly 'clear cut' that would take a hella lot of time.
Maybe I'll make some more pages, heck, maybe I'll even make the entire book... who knows! But fact is that the PLAN was it to just be a cover, and that's it.

You wouldn't even want to know how long those tree branches took me, but definitely worth it!
Heisenberg by Asrath
I'm done with portraits for now, but after the previous one I just looked at it and asked myself "Is that ALL I got!?" and then honestly said "No." "Okay, then I have to try it again."
It's not yet perfect, I doubt I will ever say something I make is 'perfect', but for the time being I am satisfied. 97% pure satisfaction.

I wanted to show his human side a bit more, as for me, even though his heart became as black as his pork pie hat, he always kept that bit of "Walt" in him, that bit of humanity. (shown even in the very end, when he saves Jesse when he sees he's not collaborating with the Nazis, but has been held captive)
I even dare to say I believe he is right on a lot of things, and inspired me in some way (NO, NO NO I WILL NOT COOK METH OKAY!), mainly when he says fear is the worst of it, and all of that.
When I feel insecure or beaten down, I just say to myself "Fear is the enemy. Now get up. Get up and KICK THAT BASTARD RIGHT IN THE TEETH!", don my metaphorical Heisenberg hat and truly feel "I can do this. I don't need to be afraid. I'm stronger than that!"
Yep. Weird huh?
Regardless how black his soul may have become, in some way I owe Walter for giving me a way to find some of my inner strength back.

Also, haven't we all at one point or another... experienced what it's like to be non-alive, dead on the inside, just merely living in the physical sense? I sure have. I'm doing better now, since I made some choices to pursue MY passion and dreams rather than do what other people want me to do. Not yet perfect, but nothing is perfect, ey!
But at the depth of my silent depression, I was in many ways very much like Walter before he broke bad. If my life hadn't been positively turned upside down, but continued to go down that road for another thirty, forty years (and I were even remotely good at chemistry), and would THEN be hit by a terminal cancer diagnosis... I can HONESTLY not swear to you I wouldn't have done the same thing, with the same good intentions, and then end up being poisoned by the thrill and power like he was. It pains me to admit this, but... quite honestly... chances are I would have.

Linework was done with ballpoint and pencil (sketch), the eye colouring added digitally afterwards
I actually wasn't happy with the previous colouring. The main reason I did that was because I thought it was daft to re-use the same colouring AGAIN, but I think it just looks better... so I changed it.
I wanted to re-upload the file, but DA wouldn't let me... so I had to make a new devitation


Asrath's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Hey! Welcome on my page! :)
I'm Erik (Also a fan of my current name-same Erik of the Opera the Phantom of the Opera), and I'm a crazy (yes, I am), Pagan, transguy.
Making art is one of my greatest joys in life, and my dream is to ultimately become a successful, professional artist. (I have a focus on illustration, but always keep options open)

"Things were made to be used and people to be loved. The reason why this world is in chaos is because people are being used and things being loved."

Feel free to ask me a question in notes or comments. I also do commisions (still early stages). Requests and art-trades are only for friends (not necessarily real-life friends tho')

Locations of Site Visitors

Current Residence: Den Bosch, Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: (hard) rock, Celtic, Orchestral, folkrock, pagan metal/rock/etc., film/game music, classical music
Favourite style of art: Hard to describe. I know it when I see it :) sometimes art just 'strikes' me in a special way, and then I know I've found something which I really like.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Skin of choice: No skin trades, please. I'm kind of attached to my skin. Literally!
Favourite comic: Bone, The Meek, Gunnerkrigg Court, Goblins, Requiem Mask, To Haunt a Phantom
Personal Quote: "The best way to make a prisoned person behave, is to make him think he is in fact a free man."

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